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Seasons | Autumn


We also have a lot to offer in autumn. This season is extremely suitable for people in search of peace and quite, and those who simply want to enjoy the changing season. The various attractions are then also remarkably quieter. In autumn the larch on the mountains are becoming a beautiful yellow. As soon as the sun shines on them, the mountains have a beautiful golden shine. The right time for a mountain hike.


At the beginning of September the sheep are returned to the valley after a whole summer in the mountains. This so-called “Schafschoada” is often celebrated with fun party.

Deer rutting

The beginning of October is a period in which another natural phenomenon is very clearly present. Namely deer rutting People come from far and wide to witness this spectacular scene. The belling of the deer can then be heard in various places. Often simply from the public road! We will gladly inform you of the best place to witness this. It is no peculiarity to find a large group of deer in a pasture in your car's headlights, in this period. We recommend that you drive extra cautiously in the dark, the deer cross the road at the most unexpected times!

An extensive range of activities

Add to this the many options for day trips, and an autumn holiday in Adlerhorst is also a great option.

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